Jung Yueh

for School Committee

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Jung Yueh

I am running for School Committee because I’m driven to make a difference for our community. My family moved to Belmont on Christmas Day, 2010, for the public schools and sense of community. Some of you know me as “Coach Jung” from Belmont Soccer, or as a Butler PTA treasurer and volunteer. We may have met on the playground with my kids, or around Belmont Center where I work.

As a trained mediator, I bring deep listening, compassion for others, and the ability to compromise for win-wins. From my career as an actuary, I understand cash flow projections, and budgeting for present and future value. And from my current work in market research analytics, I delight in the insights we can gain from diverse feedback, opinions and suggestions.

As a coach, I understand the collective benefit of teamwork and getting the best from each of us. As an admissions interviewer for MIT, I meet students from all over the country learning about their most meaningful educational experiences. As a former English language learner, I understand how important it is to meet students’ needs so they can reach their full potential.

Meet the Needs of All Students

Belmont has a tradition of world-class public education—one that maximizes the potential of every student. In addition to academic breadth, depth and challenge, we must also offer excellent social and emotional support.


Planning and Transparency

The future of the town and schools are the same. We spend less per student than comparable districts, while property taxes are high. It is critical to understand all voices in our community to guide how we allocate services and resources.


Inclusion and Diversity

The best state of our public education would include equity, diversity, and equal opportunity of representation and access. Diverse experiences and voices elevate our ability to turn these values into true, measurable improvement for underrepresented members of our community.


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